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The turn of the New Year is a good moment to reflect back but also to look ahead
Simone, 31.12.2015
The Engadine- always worth a trip!
The Engadine- always worth a trip!
Time is flying by as already two years have passed since resigning from the Swiss national team and from the world championships. Only 6 months remain until the opening of the Junior World Championships in the Engadine!
I remember very well my last international competition in Baden, where I enjoyed once again the support of the Swiss spectators and was able to come in first in both events thus winning the overall world cup standing for the ninth and last time. Those were such lasting and beautiful memories!
This coming summer, I am hoping for the same fantastic crowd again, though this time from a different angle. As the event director of JWOC 2016, I am looking forward to the many interesting spectators who will support the young athletes from all over the world.
Additionally, it is well worth taking the trip to Switzerland and Scuol as the spectators will be able to run in the same areas as the junior world champions. It is also confirmed at this point that we will be offering live production with lots of cameras in the woods showing the on-going competitions on a big screen. We can guarantee great orienteering action delivered live in the finish arenas with the speaker Per Forsberg commentating.
Podium at Swiss-Championship Long Distance
Podium at Swiss-Championship Long Distance
On one side, my life has changed considerably, on the other side, a lot has also remained the same: my training volume has, of course, diminished a bit, my trainings are no longer planned or quite as intense; they are more influenced by desire or mood as well as catching opportunities when the time is right.
I still love to run outside, and last but not least, I very much like to continue competing in orienteering events with map and compass. So far, I could keep up at a high level and had lots of fun being competitive in the elite women’s class. „I may, but I don’t have to“– this is the big difference in my mind-set and concerning the results.
The sport of orienteering is continuing to be close to my heart. For sure, this is also a reason for Matthias and my involvement at JWOC 2016. It is a great challenge to organize such a prestigious event, and we are enjoying it tremendously. We have put in lots of hours already and a lot more will still be ahead of us.
We are giving it our full effort bearing this great goal in our minds and are trying to bring in our own experiences from our active orienteering careers. We are further motivated by the fact that JWOC 2016 is taking place in the Lower Engadine, which is one of the most beautiful areas in Switzerland. For a short moment, I almost wish I could be a junior myself and compete in these events ;-)! Marvelous landscapes and interesting courses set by a superbly qualified course-setting team promise an unforgettable JWOC week. I am looking forward to it!
Besides this big commitment, my current life consists of many different engagements. Our family life, of course, is a big part of it. Malin is already in first grade and interested in most various things. Anja and Lars, too, are up to lots of discoveries and there is always a lot going on in our house with the three kids!
In addition, my days are very varied with coaching of a few female athletes, two part-time jobs in a fitness center and a coffee shop, as well as, my commitments to my sponsors. I am very pleased that the collaboration with my sponsors continues very well and that there will be interesting and challenging projects ahead. Here too, we were able to secure a connection to JWOC 2016, my new head sponsor, the EGK-health insurance, will also be a presenting partner at JWOC 2016.
I would like to wish everyone a very good start into the New Year. Especially, I would enjoy it very much if we would meet somewhere running in the woods, maybe even this coming summer in the Lower Engadine. We can only recommend combining your vacation with JWOC 2016!
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